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Things That Make or Break Your Kitchen Renovation

Things That Make or Break Your Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen renovation on the mind? Cabinets, countertops – you want it perfect. What matters most for a successful project? Read on for the tips! In no time, you’ll have a beautiful kitchen.


Designing a kitchen is tricky. You must think about efficiency, cost, convenience and safety. Here are some tips to create the perfect kitchen layout:

  • Planning: Draw a map of where you want everything on graph paper before you start. Everyone in your home should have easy access to appliances and surfaces.
  • Appliances: Put the oven, fridge and sink in a triangle. Place frequently used items like a toaster or coffee maker near the sink or stove.
  • Cabinets and Storage: Use cabinets and open shelving for ingredients, tools and any other items you need. Modify if you don’t have much storage space.
  • Countertops: Countertops should be easy to reach when cooking or cleaning up. Aim for 30 inches of countertop space per person. Utilize angles to use all corners for items like blenders and microwaves.

Cabinets and Storage

Cabinetry and storage are musts in any kitchen renovation. If you’re fixing an older kitchen, you likely need to replace the cabinets and drawers. Cabinetry is often the standout of a kitchen, so pick a style that fits with your space. Options range from stock cabinets to custom-crafted pieces.

Think through your storage needs. Many standard cabinet designs have wall shelves, pantry cabinets, and deep drawers for bulky items. If possible, add wall-mounted or pull-out shelving for cookbooks, dry goods, canned goods, and dishes. Accessories like lazy Susan turntables help make use of corner areas and maximize hard-to-reach spots. New advancements like adjustable shelf dividers and partial trays can transform your existing cabinetry into more efficient storage without ruining their classic style.


Countertops are key for any kitchen renovation. They must be both functional and good-looking, adding value to your home. Plus, countertops set the tone for the entire kitchen.

Lots of materials exist to customize your kitchen:

  • Natural stone like granite, marble, soapstone, or quartz.
  • Engineered stone, like quartzite.
  • Plus, solid surfaces, bamboo, or laminate.

When shopping for countertops, consider maintenance and longevity along with pricing and availability. Choose the perfect countertop based on personal preference and lifestyle. Dive in and explore all the options before making a final decision!

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When it comes to kitchen renovations, lighting can make or break them. Whether you’re after a modern recessed look, or an old-fashioned vibe with hanging fixtures, deciding how to light your kitchen is key. Light fixtures set the mood and highlight the look and functionality of the space. Here are lighting tips for your renovation.

  • Task Lighting: Bright lights should focus attention on workspaces and provide general illumination. Task lighting can include pendant lights, recessed lights, and halogen lamps.
  • Ambient Lighting: Ambient lighting creates atmosphere and highlights things like stoves, sinks, accent pieces, and artwork. It should provide even lighting, but be adjustable.
  • Decorative Lighting: Decorative lighting is purely aesthetic. It can be used to draw attention to design elements like chandeliers or spotlights.
  • Overall Lighting: Consider how each kind of light works together to get balance. You may need multiple types of lighting, depending on size and layout, to create ambiance and bring design ideas into harmony.


Flooring is a big part of any kitchen revamp. What to choose is dependent on cost, and the amount of people coming in and out. Here are a few options:

  • Hardwood: If you want a classic look, hardwood could be the way to go. It comes in many colours and styles, and it increases the value of your home. However, wood can scratch easily, and needs more sanding if it gets wet or has lots of foot traffic.
  • Laminate: This looks like wood, but has more durability. It’s made with plastic and a layer that looks like wood or tile. Laminate is also resistant to fading from direct sunlight.
  • Vinyl: Vinyl is inexpensive, water-resistant, easy to clean. It also provides insulation and soundproofing. But its soft texture can show indentations from furniture legs.
  • Tile: Tile is long-lasting and affordable. It comes in glazed ceramic or natural stone in various shapes, sizes, styles and colours. It’s water resistant, but correct installation is important. Grout lines should be cleaned with the right tile cleaner, like marble or granite.

Sinks and Faucets

A successful kitchen renovation needs to think about what’s inside cabinets, not just how they look from the outside. Sinks and faucets are two important parts of design. Consider materials like stainless steel, copper, or fireclay. Each has its pros and cons. Measure your sink to make sure it fits.

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Faucets come in many styles and finishes. Match with the sink material or get creative and mix different levels of finish. Think about water pressure, filter options, and other features when selecting.

Colors and Finishes

Dream kitchen design is all about the details. Pick materials that look great and can handle regular use. Color choices should match your theme. Neutrals, hues, and everything in between can work. Get help from a kitchen renovation specialist if needed.

For atmosphere, try:

  • Blues for a getaway
  • Vintage woods for rustic
  • Whites for contemporary
  • Yellows for openness
  • Greens for natural
  • Reds from nature

Balance the colors with golds, chromes, nickel alloys, swarovski crystals, and brushed metals.

Finishes are also key. Consider woods with exotic veneers, quartz countertops, handcrafted glass mosaics, and ecofriendly materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

How important is the quality of the materials used in a kitchen renovation?

Quality of materials is extremely important for the success of a kitchen renovation. High-quality materials will not only look better, but also be more durable and last longer.

What is the most important element to consider when remodeling a kitchen?

The most important element to consider when remodeling a kitchen is the overall layout and design. This should be tailored to your individual needs and should make the most efficient use of the available space.

What type of lighting is best for a kitchen renovation?

The best type of lighting for a kitchen renovation is natural light. If natural light is not available, then opt for layers of task and ambient lighting to achieve a bright and inviting space.


Once everything is sorted, your kitchen should be a place that you’ll be looking forward to for years. Spending time to locate the right contractor, materials, and design will guarantee you get the kitchen of your dreams.

Have a look around, and think hard about the stages of the renovation, and you won’t miss any details or let anything slip through. Ultimately, someone experienced by your side during the process will make it beautiful and stress-free:

  • Locate the right contractor, materials, and design.
  • Think hard about the stages of the renovation.
  • Make sure nothing slips through.
  • Have someone experienced by your side during the process.

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